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Archive For: Wed, Jul 08 2015

Managing a Technical Team: Lessons Learned

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Managing a Technical Team: Lessons Learned

I got promoted to management a couple of years ago, and despite what I previously believed, there were no fluffy pillows and bottles of champagne awaiting me. My team liked me, but they didn’t exactly stoop and bow when I entered the room. I’ve spent the last year relearning everything I thought I knew about management, and what it means to be a manager of a technical team. This session is intended for new managers, especially if you’ve come from a database (or other technical) background.

Stuart Ainsworth (MA, MEd) is a part-time TeamMate for Linchpin People, focusing primarily on helping SQL People get things done. In his day job, he's an IT manager working in the realm of financial information security. Over the past 15 years, he's worked as a research analyst, a report writer, a DBA, a programmer, and a public speaking professor.


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Stuart Ainsworth

Speaker: Stuart Ainsworth, Sr Mgr, Service Reliability Engineering Jack Henry & Associates

Summary: Stuart Ainsworth

About Stuart: Stuart Ainsworth (MA, MEd) manages a team of Service Reliability Engineers for the Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services section of Profitstars, a division of Jack Henry and Associates. He's a former DBA, developer, consultant, and public speaking professor. He's one of the chapter leaders for AtlantaMDF, and a long-time organizer of SQL Saturday's. He tweets infrequently (@codegumbo) and blogs even less often at


Managing a Technical Team: Lessons Learned
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