So under the new Professional Development VC leadership team (@Neil_Hambly & @MatanYungman) since November 2014, we hosted the 1st of our Professional Development VC events, this one with the legendary Kevin Kline @kekline (MVP, SQLSentry) his session was on Convincing & Influence

So if you did make it to the live recording then I'm sure you will agree is an excellent one, but of course we can't always make it to these scheduled events or simply we want to be able to view or replay it @ a later time, thankfully we did hit the record button and can now direct you to the recording of this for viewing on your own schedule, so here is the link to view the recording https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6813369355493913858

We of course do also have the other previous webinar recordings and these can be accessed via the Resources section

Our next session is on 10th December and will feature Craig Purnell with his Summit 2014 session "The Professional Networking Toolbox"

So please register and join us for that one if you can


Prof-Dev VC Leadership team