Hi folks!  Although it has been pretty quiet on the outside of the PASS Professional Development Virtual Chapter for a while, it has been busy on the inside, and here's a little peak at what is going on.

The only constant in life is change.
The big news is that we have gone through a little bit of a staff change.  Jorge Segarra (blogTwitter) has decided to step down from the Chapter Leader position in order to have time for so many of the other things that are demanding his attention right now.  I would like to extend a big Thank You! to Jorge for his hard work to get this virtual chapter started and the great talks that he lined up from the start.  Thank you, Jorge, and I hope you will consider coming back as a special guest speaker from time to time.

I will be stepping up to take the reins for the chapter, and I hope that I am able to keep things going along the great path that Jorge started us.  For those who do not know me, my name is Mark Caldwell and I am known online as AjarnMark.  Based just outside of Seattle, I am the Software Engineering Manager for a company in the flooring and interior design business that consists of a few different brands up and down the West Coast.  In addition to managing a small team of developers, I am also an active web application and database developer and the DBA for the company.  A recent father of two, I don't blog as frequently as I would like to, but when I do, you can find my writings here for #PASSProfDev, or my primary blog at SQLTeam.com.

Coming Next
Next on our agenda is the PASS Community Summit in Seattle on November 8th through the 12th.  The Virtual Chapters will have information tables at the Welcome Reception on Monday night, so stop by to say HI, or just to pick up some VC SWAG.  Also in the works for the months following the Summit are talks by Joe Webb (BlogTwitter) and Douglas McDowell (again thanks to Jorge for initiating these before he left).  We are actively working to line up speakers with a goal of at least one presentation per month, and possibly more depending on speaker availability.  And remember to keep an eye on the chapter blog where Kathi Kellenberger is doing a fantastic series of interviews.  Oh, and one more thing, join the conversation with our Twitter tag: #PASSProfDev.

Thanks for your patience and participation as we all learn and grow this together.